Web Design tips for computer programmers building their first online game

Programming is among the most valuable skills in this day and age, either for career purposes or just to stretch your brain and design something impressive, like an online game. If you want to get into the coding journey, read the following web design tips for setting you off the right way.

1. Select the Right Language

There is no specific best computer programming language. But when you learn one, it gets easier to use another. As such, it shouldn’t really bother you when trying to choose your first language. However, some are more starter-friendly compared to others. The language you opt to begin with might also depend on the purpose. Serious programmers can start with C, although it is easier to learn some advanced languages like Python, right away.
2. Begin Small and Be Patient
Regardless of your first language or even learning method choice, starting at the very beginning is quite important. Begin with the fundamentals. Be patient while you progress. Breaking down your first coding project into small, easy steps, commit to finish it. If one learning method (such as books) doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. Instead try another.

3. Try a Kids App

Today, even children are learning how to code. It is actually an awesome thing. Most of the programs created for training kids how to code might be very simplistic, yet some, such as Scratch, are great for anyone, no matter your age. Kid’s animation apps can also help you understand the basics of programming.
4. Use Free Online Training Sites
Free online learning websites such as Codecademy and some other Hour of Code partners can aid you successfully design your maiden computer program. Online tutorials from Codecademy, KhanAcademy, Code.org, etc, will introduce you through the programming basics as you try creating your new game. Bento will help you find the right resources you require depending on the language you want to learn. These are great beginner points, but you will have to advance after the introductions.
5. Play Coding Games
Usually, the best way to know how to design online games is through games. Although numerous coding tutorials can get you to create simple or sophisticated games, several teaching sites are essentially games. One web design company in Miami has all of their new hires go through online training in the form of games when they start, and it has drastically increased retention rates.  Some great examples include CodinGame and Combat. You will find the learning fun with them.
6. Get a Mentor or Teach Someone Else
The computer programming community is full of kind experts who are ready to help their successors. For instance, Hack.pledge() is a site that offers connections to a mentor, and you can also sign up to mentor another learner. Even offering to share what you have acquired does help you learn it better.