Taking a Look at the Gaming Chairs Used by the Top Twitch Streamers

The gaming industry is booming these days and many new gamers are joining this industry for some fun and entertainment. But there are some gamers that do not only play games for some fun and entertainment but they take it too seriously and try to break all the records in a particular game. There are lots of top players around the world that are constantly trying their best to maintain their position.

The skills and attentiveness are not the only requirements to achieve such a higher position but you also need to buy the perfect equipment for this purpose. Most of the gamers believe that buying the high-quality graphics card for their computer is the only thing that can help them achieve success but they do not know that there are several other important things that are involved in making it possible.

Yes, we are talking about the gaming chair. The gaming chair is the most important part of gaming equipment that can help in achieving success. We recommend that you must consider buying the best gaming chair for this purpose. Today, we are not going to talk about any common chairs that are usually available in the stores but we will talk about the chairs that top twitch streamers regularly use. This will help you grow your skills like them. Here are the gaming chairs that top twitch streamers use.

Secretlab Omega 2018 Gaming Chair

If you are a fan of League of Legends, then you must have heard this most popular name at least once. Lee Sang-hyeok is a top twitch streamer that regularly streams the League of Legends. He’s known as “Faker” in the League of Legends and only a few people know his real name. If you carefully take a look at his chair while he’s streaming, you’d find that he is using the secretlab omega gaming chair. So, if you want to become a player like him, you should also start using that chair.

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller

Bjergsen is another popular name in the League of Legends that regularly streams the game and he has a very big fan following. His real Name is Soren Bjerg but he is commonly known as Bjergsen. He is constantly using Aeron Task Chair since he first started streaming online. So, you can also buy this chair to improve your gaming skills.

Ewin Gaming Chair

Trump is a top twitch streamer that regularly streams the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. He used to stream the Starcraft II in the past but then he switched to this new game and now he has won a very big fan following. In his live streams, you can clearly see that he uses the Ewin Gaming Chair to play his favorite games. So, it is a sign for you that you must also buy this chair to be like him.

Best war and strategy games you can play for free

The games have always been an incredible source of entertainment for most of the people but there are some people that like to play the games that can help in improving their skills. Most of the gamers only play the war games to have a new experience but there are some gamers that find amazing benefits in the war games that can help in developing amazing skills.

The war games help you understand different types of strategies that can be used to dominate a particular group of people. Most of the war games are designed in a way where you are supposed to be the leader and you pass several commandments to your companions to beat the other players by planning different strategies.

Planning, management, and teamwork are the most important skills that you can learn by playing several war games. If you’re interested in improving these skills in a fun and entertaining way, then you must start playing the best war and strategy games today. The problem with most of the people is that they can’t find the games that can be useful in this regard.

Don’t worry, because we have brought a list of war games that can be helpful in improving these skills. The games we have chosen are all free so don’t be worried about spending any money. Here are the best war and strategy games that you can play for free.

The Age of Empires (all versions)

The age of empires is one of the best war games that were released in the late 90s. This game went through several changes and it brought new features and elements each time. The game was so much interesting and helpful that the Microsoft had to post this game for free on their Windows 98 version. The first version of this game had several graphical problems in it but the strategies and management options of this game made it become the most popular game. You must have played this game if you’re a 90s kid. And you can still play this game to improve your skills as it will still provide you the same benefits.

Clash of Clans

The clash of clans is another outstanding war game of the present era that dominated the hearts of many gamers. This game is particularly designed to improve the management skills of the gamers. This game also teaches how you can boost the progress of your teamwork. There are new changes being made to this game continuously so that it can bring improvement in the skills of the gamers.

Star Wars (Empire at war)

It is another incredible game that shows you the ways of becoming a perfect team leader. You are supposed to beat your competitors with the help of your team. The team always relies on your commandments and they only work according to what you tell them. So, this is the best way to becoming a perfect leader.

5 tips to improve the performance of your gaming laptop

The gamers need to keep their laptop updated all the time because the quality of the games is improving every day. You need to maintain the performance of your laptop if you want to keep playing the latest games. There are several things that can be updated to maintain the performance of the laptop.

Some gamers think of buying a new laptop to play the games with some advanced features while there are others that consider making changes to their current laptop so that it can easily support their desired games.

If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, you must check out this review for the top 10 gaming laptops and if you’re looking to update your current laptop, you must take a look at the tips we have shared in this article.

Pausing the Antivirus

The Antivirus slows down the speed of your laptop and it makes it difficult for you to play the game easily. Sometimes, the antivirus keeps disturbing you during the game and you get irritated by watching the same notification again and again. The best way to get rid of this problem is to pause the antivirus when you’re playing the game. This will help you stay away from the interruption.

Scanning the laptop

The virus in your laptop can also make it difficult for you to play the game properly, therefore, you must keep checking for the virus regularly to stay safe from this problem. You should remove the virus immediately if the antivirus detects a virus on your laptop. The virus can also destroy your entire progress in the games, therefore, you must get rid of it as soon as possible.

The RAM speed

Improving the RAM speed is another useful way of improving the performance of your gaming laptop because the RAM plays an important role in running the games smoothly. Before changing the RAM, you must make sure that disruption is being caused due to the RAM. And you must get the RAM replaced by an expert.

Graphics Card

The Graphics card is another important thing that requires your attention if you want to improve the performance of your gaming laptop. You must consider buying the Nvidia 1080 Graphics card if you want to run the high-quality games on your laptop. This may be a little bit expensive as compared to the other graphics cards but it’s really worth it.

Delete the Unnecessary data

The unnecessary data in your laptop is another useful way of improving the performance of your laptop. The unnecessary data slows down the speed of the laptop which makes it difficult for you to play the game smoothly. Deleting the unnecessary data from your laptop is the most cost-effective way of improving the performance of your gaming laptop.

Web Design tips for computer programmers building their first online game

Programming is among the most valuable skills in this day and age, either for career purposes or just to stretch your brain and design something impressive, like an online game. If you want to get into the coding journey, read the following web design tips for setting you off the right way.

1. Select the Right Language

There is no specific best computer programming language. But when you learn one, it gets easier to use another. As such, it shouldn’t really bother you when trying to choose your first language. However, some are more starter-friendly compared to others. The language you opt to begin with might also depend on the purpose. Serious programmers can start with C, although it is easier to learn some advanced languages like Python, right away.
2. Begin Small and Be Patient
Regardless of your first language or even learning method choice, starting at the very beginning is quite important. Begin with the fundamentals. Be patient while you progress. Breaking down your first coding project into small, easy steps, commit to finish it. If one learning method (such as books) doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. Instead try another.

3. Try a Kids App

Today, even children are learning how to code. It is actually an awesome thing. Most of the programs created for training kids how to code might be very simplistic, yet some, such as Scratch, are great for anyone, no matter your age. Kid’s animation apps can also help you understand the basics of programming.
4. Use Free Online Training Sites
Free online learning websites such as Codecademy and some other Hour of Code partners can aid you successfully design your maiden computer program. Online tutorials from Codecademy, KhanAcademy, Code.org, etc, will introduce you through the programming basics as you try creating your new game. Bento will help you find the right resources you require depending on the language you want to learn. These are great beginner points, but you will have to advance after the introductions.
5. Play Coding Games
Usually, the best way to know how to design online games is through games. Although numerous coding tutorials can get you to create simple or sophisticated games, several teaching sites are essentially games. One web design company in Miami has all of their new hires go through online training in the form of games when they start, and it has drastically increased retention rates.  Some great examples include CodinGame and Combat. You will find the learning fun with them.
6. Get a Mentor or Teach Someone Else
The computer programming community is full of kind experts who are ready to help their successors. For instance, Hack.pledge() is a site that offers connections to a mentor, and you can also sign up to mentor another learner. Even offering to share what you have acquired does help you learn it better.

Virtual Private Networks Explained

Almost everyone has heard the term Virtual Private Network used in conversation, but most people overlook the usefulness of such a concept. Internet users who have a lot of information to share with one another would probably be the first and foremost to benefit from this form of networking. However, it just goes to show that most people are just not that concerned about boosting their Internet security.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

It is a virtual network of connected computers which are able to share information with one another (through the Internet), but without having to use an LAN or local area network. Back in the day when the Internet wasn’t as evolved, computers would have to be directly connected to one another through the use of a physical wire. The circuit would then have to be “leased” from a reputable company to ensure that no one else could hack or use that same connection.

The Issue of Privacy is Addressed

In the days of physical wiring between computer networks, leased lines could never really ensure the privacy of a group of computers. Privacy was entirely in the hands of the circuit provider and it was his belief ethics that either prevented the sharing of private information, or not. However, this problem was quickly addressed when a method of encryption was used to secure these networks.

The data between groups of connected computers are sent in code through a private gateway using the help of the Internet. The recipient’s computer is then able to receive the coded message and decode it. What makes this method of encryption foolproof is that if there are any interruptions or hackers trying to interfere with the coded data, it is instantly rejected by the computer on the other side of the network.

Who Can Benefit Most From a VPN?

– Downloaders are able to download files, whether they may be legal or illegal, without having to answer for their “crimes” in court. The Virtual Private Network is able to prevent others from seeing illegal files or even BitTorrent on your computer.

– Privacy oriented individuals are more than likely going to want to secure their information using such a network. It is an ease of mind that prying eyes will never be able to read the information being stored and transmitted from your computer.

– Students as well as workers can also find it useful to promote the use of such a private network. Schools or some companies already offer private networks, so students and workers alike will more than likely already be secure.

Any combination of the above individuals will find a peace of mind using a virtual network that has been encrypted for privacy. With millions of people online each day, your privacy is of utmost importance and so is taking control!

DNS services like Unlocator are a great alternative to VPNs. They are generally faster and more stable than most VPN providers.

For DNS Services and VPN Providers. Click Here.

How To Protect Your Privacy Online

The ability to do business or execute personal transactions online is very convenient. However, it is important to appreciate that as long as you are doing something on the internet it t is not in the strict sense absolutely private. Each and every day internet users oblivious or in knowledge of the risk that comes with online activities

In this day and age very many activities are done online. There are various benefits associated with online applications without disregarding the attendant threats. Personal privacy is put on the line ever time you log in into the vast online grid. Do not be discouraged from using online platforms due to the inherent risks. We cannot go back to the tedious manual ways of doing things because of the risk of opportunists who lurk behind the general and noble intentions of the wider global community.

You do not have get out of your comfortable living room to shop for almost anything that you need. Companies, outlets and dealership are continuously improving and upgrading ways of making sure that they embrace technology in transactions and customer service. Online platforms have become a cornerstone in online marketing and sales.

Among the steps you can take to protect personal information and privacy include the following:

– You should make sure that your laptop and other workstations are installed with reliable and reputable antivirus software. This should include firewalls as well as spyware and malware. Antivirus software guard against Trojans and viruses. Firewalls block suspicious traffic from gaining entry into a network or computer

– Make sure that your password is composed of both letters and numbers which should be put both in both lower case and upper case. Do not use personal information such as date of birth in your password. Do not reveal your password to anyone. In addition you should different passwords for different online accounts. Do not save your password on a web browser.

– Cookies are very useful as they enable a site to record and remember browsing preferences as well as surfing habits. However super cookies embed themselves which make them difficult to uninstall and do not expire. There are tools that are designed to remove super cookies permanently.

– You should very careful when adding friends on social media sites such as Facebook. Friends on such access have access to your personal information depending on the restrictions that you customize.

– Do not use a public computer to make payments especially where you are required to input your credit card number. Delete browsing history after surfing on public computers.

– Do not reveal personal information in your emails.

– Consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider to secure your Internet connection and surf anonymously.

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