Work with excel data like a pro

Excel spread sheet is one of the most advanced tool which can make working with the raw data easier. The application might look complicated but it is much more advanced that it appears to be. If you have not opted for an excel homework help in your school. You will probably know some of the works that have been mentioned here.

Use it as Format Painter

If you are trying to get yourself familiarized with the formatting you will definitely know the importance of having the spreadsheet which can help you calculate and solve the data much more efficiently. All you have to do is select the cell from which you want to be formatted and go to home and click on format printer. Use the paintbrush and select.

Select entire spreadsheet columns and rows

This is one of the best tips you can get. All you have to do is select the column you want to work on control and shift and you can open a new page a post the whole spread sheet in a new page.

Import data into Excel Correctly

There are many benefits of using an excel which can help you combine the different types of data from different sources and allow you to keep all the data in one place. All you have to do is copy paste complex data into data sets and you will have appropriate options that you can work with.

Enter the same data into multiple cells

There are many times that you would want to enter the same data multiple time. Instead of copy pasting all over again there is a quicker way you can use excel for. Select the cells and fill the same data by selecting the last cell. All you have to do now is to control and enter and you will find that the data is filled in the cells that you selected.

Freeze excel rows and columns

If you have lengthy spreadsheets there are many times that when you scroll down the length spread sheets can start to disappear. This can be annoying especially when you want to know where the data belongs to help keep track of the organized data.


Enter data patterns instantly

This is one of the great features of the excel where it can automatically recognize the pattern and lets you enter the data pattern into the other cells. All you have to do is select the information and establish a pattern. Then click on the highlighted cells which is located in the bottom right hand corner and drag it to ensure a pattern is established and the data is automatically updated.