Best war and strategy games you can play for free

The games have always been an incredible source of entertainment for most of the people but there are some people that like to play the games that can help in improving their skills. Most of the gamers only play the war games to have a new experience but there are some gamers that find amazing benefits in the war games that can help in developing amazing skills.

The war games help you understand different types of strategies that can be used to dominate a particular group of people. Most of the war games are designed in a way where you are supposed to be the leader and you pass several commandments to your companions to beat the other players by planning different strategies.

Planning, management, and teamwork are the most important skills that you can learn by playing several war games. If you’re interested in improving these skills in a fun and entertaining way, then you must start playing the best war and strategy games today. The problem with most of the people is that they can’t find the games that can be useful in this regard.

Don’t worry, because we have brought a list of war games that can be helpful in improving these skills. The games we have chosen are all free so don’t be worried about spending any money. Here are the best war and strategy games that you can play for free.

The Age of Empires (all versions)

The age of empires is one of the best war games that were released in the late 90s. This game went through several changes and it brought new features and elements each time. You can also find out more by clicking this link.The game was so much interesting and helpful that the Microsoft had to post this game for free on their Windows 98 version. The first version of this game had several graphical problems in it but the strategies and management options of this game made it become the most popular game. You must have played this game if you’re a 90s kid. And you can still play this game to improve your skills as it will still provide you the same benefits.

Clash of Clans

The clash of clans is another outstanding war game of the present era that dominated the hearts of many gamers. This game is particularly designed to improve the management skills of the gamers. This game also teaches how you can boost the progress of your teamwork. There are new changes being made to this game continuously so that it can bring improvement in the skills of the gamers.

Star Wars (Empire at war)

It is another incredible game that shows you the ways of becoming a perfect team leader. You are supposed to beat your competitors with the help of your team. The team always relies on your commandments and they only work according to what you tell them. So, this is the best way to becoming a perfect leader.