Tips on How to Make Money Playing Your Favorite Games Online

Playing your favorite games online is an excellent way to relax after a stressed out day. Playing online game is not just confined to passing the spare time but is also a great way of earning money. Everyone loves to play video games. Wouldn’t it be a great way to make some living while doing the favorite activity? However, it demands lots of hard work and dedication. The key to success lies in never giving up and leading ahead patiently. Follow these simple tips and methods. Keep fun alive and do not let the work outrun the fun aspect of the online gaming world. Continue what you love doing and make a living out of it.

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Earn by gaming tournaments

The gaming tournaments offer rewards in the form of money or gadgets. All one needs to do is acquire the required skills to win the tournament. Start by learning and playing the basics. Enroll in tournaments announced from time to time. Winning these gaming tournaments will enable the participants to earn a huge name and fame for themselves. Choose the popular gaming tournaments. Chances of earning more increase with the popularity of the game. If a gamer has skills, it is best to get into esports industry.

Earn by live streaming games

If you have a game, consider live streaming it. Monetize with advertisements to earn huge. Earning will increase if it attracts an audience. Some of the examples of such big platforms are YouTube games and Twitch. Also, Beam and Hitbox are slowly catching up. It may take a while to build an audience. To make a living out of it, keep the gameplay at the top. Maintain the visits of thousands of regular viewers. Attract large audiences to the platform by playing online games that no one can play. Keep the audiences attracted with charming charisma. In short, be a world-class top-notch player. Learn tips to tap regular large audiences. Make the streams as enjoyable as possible.

Earn by web-based games

Gamer earns by playing and scoring highest in web-based games. Earnings are not that high. However, for beginners, these games lend a good platform. The two requirements are patience and gaming skills. Continue this method alongside others. Spend an hour or two playing web-based games. By the end of the month, cash out the money. Prizee allows its gamers to play for free and do not demand any deposit.  You can learn more here.

Earn by playing virtual reality games

Virtual reality games allow its gamers to convert the game currency into real currency. The developers of the game set some exchange rate for the same. Second Life is one such game. Lots of gamers have been very successful playing on this platform. By playing these games, many have become millionaires and have been living their second life in reality.


Some of the tips mentioned above allow gamers to earn money by playing their favorite games online. Some methods help them earn huge money whereas others don’t pay a lot. The important thing is that in the end, all add up. The two requirements necessary to enjoy long-term success in the online gaming world are passion and whole-hearted determination. Never give up and patiently keep moving ahead. Playing games online is the most entertaining and fun way to make a living.

Best Games to Play on PC in 2018

It’s 2018 and new changes are occurring around us every day. The gaming industry is one of the fastest changing industries in the world. Therefore, 2018 has also brought some changes in the gaming world. Now, some advanced and high-level games are introduced in the gaming industry that can help you find a new direction to your gaming fever. The gaming fever is everywhere and it is the demand of the crazy gamers that there should be something new every time they sit in front of the computer to play the games.

Today, we are going to talk about some games that every gamer should play in 2018 before it gets too late. You should earn the pride of playing these most advanced and crazy games before your friends. If you are a gaming lover, you must have already heard about these games. But let’s take a look how much do you know about these games.

Well, you should make sure that you have the most advanced computer if you want to give a try to these games. If you don’t have the most advanced gaming computer, then here’s a good 500 dollar gaming pc that can fulfill all your gaming needs in 2018. Let’s take a look at the best games that you should play on PC in 2018.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is an incredible action game that you should play in 2018 if you love playing action and adventurous games. The game is available on PlayStation and Xbox as well but the real fun only begins when you play this game on PC. The trial version of the game is available on the official website of Ubisoft. So, you can install the trial version to see whether it meets your expectations or not. Once you are satisfied with the trial version, you can purchase the premium version at a very affordable price.

Call of duty: Black Ops 4

The game is not yet released and it will be released on October 12, 2018. But the previous versions of the Call of duty are a clear sign that upcoming version would also be a blockbuster. The game has also become a big part of gaming community discussions and there are many gamers that are curiously waiting for the release of this game.

You can watch the trailer of the game to see the new characters and the features that are going to be introduced in the upcoming version.

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 will be released in the month of June but the trailer of this game shows that it is going to be an outstanding game. You can expect many interesting features in this game because the game is developed by Ivory Tower. Here are some other best games that you must play in 2018.

Ultimate 2018 Buyer’s Guide to the Best Budget Gaming Headsets

A gamers life is incomplete if he doesn’t have the excellent quality gaming headsets available in his gaming equipment. The gaming is an expensive passion where you are supposed to buy everything at a high price so that you may not compromise on quality. However, there are some elements in the gaming world that can be purchased at very affordable rates without having to compromise on the quality. Click Here and take a look at the best gaming headsets that you can purchase in 2018.

The gaming headsets are also one of those gaming accessories that can be purchased at very reasonable rates. It doesn’t mean that the expensive gaming headsets do not exist on this planet. All we want to say is that you can even purchase the high-quality gaming headsets without spending a lot of money. In this article, we are going to talk about the gaming headsets that you can purchase at very reasonable rates in 2018.

We have selected the most reliable and less expensive headsets so that you do not feel distressed when trying to buy a gaming headset for an amazing gaming experience. We have taken help from the AA 2018 guide to best budget gaming headset to find the best gaming headsets for you. Here are the best budget gaming headsets that you can purchase at very reasonable rates in 2018.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The design of this headset is incredible and it is particularly designed for the passionate gamers. The soft padding and large ear cups make you feel comfortable without causing any kind of pain. You don’t need to add a USB pass-through to use the mic and the wire of the headset doesn’t irritate you at all. The price of this headset is $49.99 only and you can purchase it from Amazon.

Kotion Each G1000

This headset is available for $23.99 only. It’s not only the price of this headset that makes it prominent from all other gaming headsets but the technological look of the headset looks really amazing. You can even power some lights with the help of the USB plug. It is a highly adjustable headset that can fit any size. It can provide you a comfortable experience throughout the day.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P

It is a lightweight headphone and it can provide you the long-term comfort while you are playing your favorite games. It is designed to provide you excellent pitch quality while you are engaged in making several moves. The price of this headset is $39.95 only. In my opinion, you cannot find such an incredible option at such reasonable price. Here are some of the amazing features that should be included in the best gaming headset.

The Ultimate Gaming Setup Guide

If you are looking to build your own gaming setup, then you must read the information that we are going to share in this article. We are going to talk about several elements that will make your gaming setup flourish. When it comes to building the perfect gaming setup, then you must keep in mind that it can be really expensive because there are many elements included in the gaming setup that are really expensive.

If you don’t have enough money for preparing the perfect gaming setup, then you must not think of building a gaming setup because incomplete setup would bring you nothing but a lot of headaches. However, if you have enough money and want to build an amazing gaming setup, then step ahead and read the tips below.

Graphics Card

The Graphics card is the most important accessory that makes your gaming setup complete. If you don’t have a good quality graphics card, you won’t be able to most of your desired games. The problem is that it has become very difficult to find the high-quality graphics car these days because the production rate is too slow while the demand for graphics cards is constantly increasing. The manufacturers are trying to find some new ways to boost their production. But right now, you can only buy them at higher rates.

Gaming Keyboard

The gaming keyboard is also the element that needs to be the part of your gaming setup. Although you can play most of the games on traditional keyboards, sometimes, you’d find yourself helpless as you won’t be able to access several functions. Another important feature of the gaming keyboard is that it helps in improving your speed. So, you must buy a good quality gaming keyboard so that you can enjoy the perfect gaming experience.

Gaming Desk

The Gaming desk allows you to place everything very carefully and it also helps in improving your gaming quality. There are many different kinds of gaming desks available nowadays. Make sure that you buy the best desk for gaming so that you can enjoy playing your favorite games.


The headsets are extremely important when you are building a gaming setup as they help you enjoy every single phase of the game. There are many different types of headsets available these days. You can choose the one that meets your requirements.


The controllers make you feel comfortable and relaxed as they enable you to use several functions in a very quick manner. The controllers also enable you to play multiplayer games with your friends. You need to be very careful about the controllers because they cannot be repaired once they get damaged.

Gaming Chair

As a gamer, you are going to spend a lot of time in front of your computer. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair can make you suffer from several health issues and you won’t be able to play the games properly. A gaming chair provides you extreme quality comfort and it makes you feel relaxed when you are playing your favorite games. The gaming chairs are also very expensive but they are really worth it.

Gear Every Gamer Needs For the Best Real-Time Gaming Experience

The gaming industry is flourishing every day and some new changes are being introduced in this industry with every passing day. The gamers are very happy to see such changes as they are getting more and more comfortable every day. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the gaming accessories that every gamer must have so that he may enjoy the best real-time gaming experience.

The real-time gaming makes you feel more excited as compared to the standard gaming. There are many gamers that are participating in the real-time gaming to show their skills. So, you must participate to prove that you are a better gamer. In this situation, you must keep all the important accessories with you so that you may use them when necessary.

If you have ever seen the live videos of the top players, you must have seen that they have many strange accessories in their collection that you have never seen in your life. So, these are the accessories that help them reach such an amazing position. So, if you also want to reach that position, you must follow them in all the aspects. Here are some of the important accessories that every gamer needs for the best real-time gaming experience.

Gaming Chair

The gaming chair is the most important gear that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while you are playing games. You may start feeling tired when you are sitting in a standard chair but the gaming chair makes you feel fresh and energetic throughout your gaming experience. So, you must consider buying the best gaming chair if you want to enjoy the best real-time gaming experience.

Good quality Mic

Having a good quality mic is another major need of the gamer. You need to keep a good quality mic with you so that you can use it when you are broadcasting your live video. You can use the mic that is found in your laptop or headphone but it won’t make you sound clear and the viewers would also get irritated when they won’t be able to listen to you clearly. Therefore, you must consider buying a good quality microphone for the best experience.

Camera Steadicam

The camera Steadicam helps you place your camera at a particular angle so that it may not move while you are making a video. You can’t hold a camera while you are playing a game and you can’t even place it on the table as it won’t stand there properly. In this situation, you need a helping hand and what can be better than a camera Steadicam. Make you sure that you carefully read the Review of Camera Steadicams 2018 before making a purchase. We recommend that you should only buy the best option available in the market.

Taking a Look at the Gaming Chairs Used by the Top Twitch Streamers

The gaming industry is booming these days and many new gamers are joining this industry for some fun and entertainment. But there are some gamers that do not only play games for some fun and entertainment but they take it too seriously and try to break all the records in a particular game. There are lots of top players around the world that are constantly trying their best to maintain their position.

The skills and attentiveness are not the only requirements to achieve such a higher position but you also need to buy the perfect equipment for this purpose. Most of the gamers believe that buying the high-quality graphics card for their computer is the only thing that can help them achieve success but they do not know that there are several other important things that are involved in making it possible.

Yes, we are talking about the gaming chair. The gaming chair is the most important part of gaming equipment that can help in achieving success. We recommend that you must consider buying the best gaming chair for this purpose. Today, we are not going to talk about any common chairs that are usually available in the stores but we will talk about the chairs that top twitch streamers regularly use. This will help you grow your skills like them. Here are the gaming chairs that top twitch streamers use.

Secretlab Omega 2018 Gaming Chair

If you are a fan of League of Legends, then you must have heard this most popular name at least once. Lee Sang-hyeok is a top twitch streamer that regularly streams the League of Legends. He’s known as “Faker” in the League of Legends and only a few people know his real name. If you carefully take a look at his chair while he’s streaming, you’d find that he is using the secretlab omega gaming chair. So, if you want to become a player like him, you should also start using that chair.

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller

Bjergsen is another popular name in the League of Legends that regularly streams the game and he has a very big fan following. His real Name is Soren Bjerg but he is commonly known as Bjergsen. He is constantly using Aeron Task Chair since he first started streaming online. So, you can also buy this chair to improve your gaming skills.

Ewin Gaming Chair

Trump is a top twitch streamer that regularly streams the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. He used to stream the Starcraft II in the past but then he switched to this new game and now he has won a very big fan following. In his live streams, you can clearly see that he uses the Ewin Gaming Chair to play his favorite games. So, it is a sign for you that you must also buy this chair to be like him.

Best war and strategy games you can play for free

The games have always been an incredible source of entertainment for most of the people but there are some people that like to play the games that can help in improving their skills. Most of the gamers only play the war games to have a new experience but there are some gamers that find amazing benefits in the war games that can help in developing amazing skills.

The war games help you understand different types of strategies that can be used to dominate a particular group of people. Most of the war games are designed in a way where you are supposed to be the leader and you pass several commandments to your companions to beat the other players by planning different strategies.

Planning, management, and teamwork are the most important skills that you can learn by playing several war games. If you’re interested in improving these skills in a fun and entertaining way, then you must start playing the best war and strategy games today. The problem with most of the people is that they can’t find the games that can be useful in this regard.

Don’t worry, because we have brought a list of war games that can be helpful in improving these skills. The games we have chosen are all free so don’t be worried about spending any money. Here are the best war and strategy games that you can play for free.

The Age of Empires (all versions)

The age of empires is one of the best war games that were released in the late 90s. This game went through several changes and it brought new features and elements each time. The game was so much interesting and helpful that the Microsoft had to post this game for free on their Windows 98 version. The first version of this game had several graphical problems in it but the strategies and management options of this game made it become the most popular game. You must have played this game if you’re a 90s kid. And you can still play this game to improve your skills as it will still provide you the same benefits.

Clash of Clans

The clash of clans is another outstanding war game of the present era that dominated the hearts of many gamers. This game is particularly designed to improve the management skills of the gamers. This game also teaches how you can boost the progress of your teamwork. There are new changes being made to this game continuously so that it can bring improvement in the skills of the gamers.

Star Wars (Empire at war)

It is another incredible game that shows you the ways of becoming a perfect team leader. You are supposed to beat your competitors with the help of your team. The team always relies on your commandments and they only work according to what you tell them. So, this is the best way to becoming a perfect leader.

5 tips to improve the performance of your gaming laptop

The gamers need to keep their laptop updated all the time because the quality of the games is improving every day. You need to maintain the performance of your laptop if you want to keep playing the latest games. There are several things that can be updated to maintain the performance of the laptop.

Some gamers think of buying a new laptop to play the games with some advanced features while there are others that consider making changes to their current laptop so that it can easily support their desired games.

If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, you must check out this review for the top 10 gaming laptops and if you’re looking to update your current laptop, you must take a look at the tips we have shared in this article.

Pausing the Antivirus

The Antivirus slows down the speed of your laptop and it makes it difficult for you to play the game easily. Sometimes, the antivirus keeps disturbing you during the game and you get irritated by watching the same notification again and again. The best way to get rid of this problem is to pause the antivirus when you’re playing the game. This will help you stay away from the interruption.

Scanning the laptop

The virus in your laptop can also make it difficult for you to play the game properly, therefore, you must keep checking for the virus regularly to stay safe from this problem. You should remove the virus immediately if the antivirus detects a virus on your laptop. The virus can also destroy your entire progress in the games, therefore, you must get rid of it as soon as possible.

The RAM speed

Improving the RAM speed is another useful way of improving the performance of your gaming laptop because the RAM plays an important role in running the games smoothly. Before changing the RAM, you must make sure that disruption is being caused due to the RAM. And you must get the RAM replaced by an expert.

Graphics Card

The Graphics card is another important thing that requires your attention if you want to improve the performance of your gaming laptop. You must consider buying the Nvidia 1080 Graphics card if you want to run the high-quality games on your laptop. This may be a little bit expensive as compared to the other graphics cards but it’s really worth it.

Delete the Unnecessary data

The unnecessary data in your laptop is another useful way of improving the performance of your laptop. The unnecessary data slows down the speed of the laptop which makes it difficult for you to play the game smoothly. Deleting the unnecessary data from your laptop is the most cost-effective way of improving the performance of your gaming laptop.

Web Design tips for computer programmers building their first online game

Programming is among the most valuable skills in this day and age, either for career purposes or just to stretch your brain and design something impressive, like an online game. If you want to get into the coding journey, read the following web design tips for setting you off the right way.

1. Select the Right Language

There is no specific best computer programming language. But when you learn one, it gets easier to use another. As such, it shouldn’t really bother you when trying to choose your first language. However, some are more starter-friendly compared to others. The language you opt to begin with might also depend on the purpose. Serious programmers can start with C, although it is easier to learn some advanced languages like Python, right away.
2. Begin Small and Be Patient
Regardless of your first language or even learning method choice, starting at the very beginning is quite important. Begin with the fundamentals. Be patient while you progress. Breaking down your first coding project into small, easy steps, commit to finish it. If one learning method (such as books) doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. Instead try another.

3. Try a Kids App

Today, even children are learning how to code. It is actually an awesome thing. Most of the programs created for training kids how to code might be very simplistic, yet some, such as Scratch, are great for anyone, no matter your age. Kid’s animation apps can also help you understand the basics of programming.
4. Use Free Online Training Sites
Free online learning websites such as Codecademy and some other Hour of Code partners can aid you successfully design your maiden computer program. Online tutorials from Codecademy, KhanAcademy,, etc, will introduce you through the programming basics as you try creating your new game. Bento will help you find the right resources you require depending on the language you want to learn. These are great beginner points, but you will have to advance after the introductions.
5. Play Coding Games
Usually, the best way to know how to design online games is through games. Although numerous coding tutorials can get you to create simple or sophisticated games, several teaching sites are essentially games. One web design company in Miami has all of their new hires go through online training in the form of games when they start, and it has drastically increased retention rates.  Some great examples include CodinGame and Combat. You will find the learning fun with them.
6. Get a Mentor or Teach Someone Else
The computer programming community is full of kind experts who are ready to help their successors. For instance, Hack.pledge() is a site that offers connections to a mentor, and you can also sign up to mentor another learner. Even offering to share what you have acquired does help you learn it better.