Java leads the way when it comes to an understanding the programming language and developing application software. This is the reason java has gained its popularity. The language used is very easy and efficient, which helps in performing various programming tasks. The simplicity can be very distracting, which can sometimes lead to the programmers learning more and finding ways to make everything easier.

Get the basic right

Java offers many features which involve learning too many things in a small amount of time. This is where developers make the mistake of not studying the basics. As java is a programming language, it is easy not to pay attention, but this might cost as frustration can set in easily if you take the short route.


If you are planning to take your degree into a workplace, it is important that you not just read but learn. You can implement what you have learned and gain knowledge in the form of code.

Understand the code and algorithm

The whole code and algorithm will start making sense for you once you understand the idea behind the code. This is the best way to solve a complex problem is to formulate an algorithm which will help break the main problem into sub-parts and you will end up getting the right solution.

Do not forget to allocate memory

This tip will work for the developers who have switched from C, C++ to Java as Java does not allocate new keywords, which is a necessity when it comes to understand the language. But, C, C++ does not have this feature where they have to take care of a wide array of objects.

Avoid creating useless objects

When you create an object with the help of java, you have to use the memory and processor speed. It is a better idea to keep the object requirement under check to not create any unwanted objects in the code.

The interface is better than abstract class

There is no multiple inheritances in java if you do not use extends keywords. While working on java, you will always have the interface by your side to help with a variety of methods to work with and help get the job of abstract classes.

Prefer primitive classes over wrapper class

Wrapper classes are a great utility but is much slower than primitive classes, which can help you store information about the whole class. Also, as the wrapper classes deal with object values, it does not give the results as it ends up comparing the two values that is stored.


The one thing you have to learn is to code as java is a programming language one can easily learn the language on his own, but a student may find it much more difficult, but you can get to learn from online assignment help as they can do my java homework on time and they will comply while following your guidelines.