4 Ways of Unlocking iPhone Without a Code

As circumstances are unpredictable, you may never know when you may land in an emergency and not be able to open your phone. Such scenarios are hard to process, as you try all means to unlock your iPhone. But unless and until you’re aware of the right methods, you cannot go ahead. So to help you out, we are here with 4 ways to unlock an iPhone without a code. 


Unlocking Your iPhone with “Find My iPhone.”

One of the best methods to unlock your iPhone without a code is to use “Find My iPhone”. The process begins by using a computer or another iOS device to visit icloud.com/find and sign in with your Apple credentials. Upon doing the same, you should choose the option “All Devices” and select your phone. Once you’re done, you need to click on the option of ‘Erase iPhone” as all data, including your passcode, will be removed. As it reboots, a strategy to restore your data will also be visible. 

Unlocking Your iPhone with iTunes

Unlocking an iPhone by using iTunes is an easy method that is quite common. So to start things, you need to connect your device to a computer where iTunes is enabled. Click on iTunes and restore your iPhone. Before iTunes restores your iPhone, it will back up the device, and your files will be restored after the device restarts. But that will not help you solve the problems imposed by carriers, as you are yet to unlock your phone. So to get the real benefit of the matter, go ahead and learn more about iphone 7 plus unlock code.

Unlocking Your iPhone with an iOS Unlock tool

Unlocking your iPhone with iOS unlock tools is a secure method that needs to be followed according to the many instructions displayed on the screen. Among the top tools in this regard, you will come across names like Dr. Fone, UkeySoft Unlocker and so on. Regardless of whatever you select, you need to ensure that it is downloaded to your computer. Upon doing so, you need to connect your iPhone to the system and follow the instructions mentioned on the screen. 

Unlocking Your iPhone with Siri

Enabling the Siri feature in your iPhone device gets complete by pressing and holding the home button. Once Siri is activated, ask Siri to open the clock to rectify how to unlock a disabled iPhone. As it displays the clock, you need to select it, and a list of tunes will appear. Among those options, you will see the tab “buy more tunes” which informs you to the iTunes store. So click on the home button as it will take you to the main screen of the phone.